School Of Rock Videos

Zach’s 1st show, Led Zeppelin. Jan 8, 2011.

My son Zachary has been a part of School of Rock since 2011. If you don’t know, SOR has kids study one band (The Who, Pink Floyd, etc.) or one genre of rock music (Punk, 90’s, etc.) for a few months (let’s call it a “semester”). Then, their “final exam” consists of a weekend of live performances showing off all that they’ve learned.

School of Rock did a great job of fostering Zach’s passion for music. While Zach learned much about music from the school and from the friends that he made there, a lot of his ability is also self-taught. No parent ever needed to say to Zach, “Go practice your music”.

Anyway, I have been that maniac father with the video camera capturing as many of the performances as I could. Here, are many of those videos in 1 spot. Please note: the quality and editing are sometimes a bit circumspect. Sometimes, you’ll find individual songs. Others, you’ll find complete shows. Sometimes, you’ll find a stable camera. Others… Well…

Anyway, please enjoy. As you scroll down the page, the shows go backwards in time. (Wishing I could do that in real life…)

  • Led Zeppelin 03-2016
  • DE Team At Cool Jam 02-2016
  • Bathing Suit At Cool Jam 02-2016
  • Zappa Show
  • Christmas Parades 2015
  • Rockwood Ice Cream Festival
  • Guitar Gods Vs Keyboard Gods May 2015
  • Gig At World Cafe Live At The Queen
  • Cool Jam at SOR Feb 2015
  • 90s Show Jan 2015
  • Silent Night at JB McGinnes
  • Metal Show
  • Rusty Rudder Sept 2014
  • Hot Jam - Aug 2014
  • Gig at JB McGinnes June 2014
  • Bathing Suit Debut - Apr 2014
  • DE Team Gig - April 2014
  • Cool Jam - February 2014
  • Yes Shows - January 2014
  • Middletown Holiday Parade - Nov 23 2013
  • Swap Meet- May 18 2013
  • Pink Floyd Show 2013
  • Various Xmas 2012
  • Frightland 2012
  • Dewey Beach - Sept 2012
  • Classic Metal - Sept 2012
  • Hendrix - May 2012
  • Punk Shows- April 2012
  • Swap Meet April 2011
  • The Who January 2012
  • Andrew WK Shows 09 2011
  • Pink Floyd The Wall April 2011
  • Led Zeppelin January 2011